WayRay technologies and products are difficult to be presented: an optical element inside the windshield, lasers, and a holographic projection that looks like a fake 2D graphic. It took a lot of years for in-house design team to find the best visual solution. Now the company had to go the same path in photography and video, wrapping new materials in a unique visual style.

p h o t o  &  T y p o g r a p h y

All the photos you see here were created for the company's large and important pitch document. One of the tasks was to create a modular grid, where text and photos would work perfectly in one bundle. Before all shootings we imagine the slides composition, position of the heroes, poses, and place where we should have a clear background for the text. 

​​​​​​​One of the interesting parts was the shooting of different departments — each team of employees is unique in its competence, so we tried to shoot their unique actions and locations, but also kept the overall visual style — rigor, dark clothing, special shades of red.

p o r t r a i t s

However, we decided to make the personal portraits of each leader more minimalistic, more emphasis on the person and descriptions. Here we used only the basic corporate colors — red, black and white. One of the coolest and incredible decisions was to use red tinted light to illuminate faces.

D E E P  T E C H  L I F E S T Y L E

Of course, we also want to capture more life moment — production processes and teamwork, so we shoot them too, using the same rules as in the main style — clothes, mood, red details.


C e s  2 0 2 0

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