The consequences of the war in this region were terrible - especially in remote cities there was no chance. Here, in 2048, only rare hermits try to survive in that forgotten area.

Military drones, launched decades ago, and using nuclear fuel, are falling into the desert and exploding, creating black pillars of smoke across the horizon.
One weekend we went with friends to the desert in search of classic Ghost-Town to shoot a couple of test photos in Mad Max style. Well, i didn't expect that the REAL Ghost-Town will be look like empty desert - so pure and empty. But, a bit of post-production and...

well, to be honest, I really don't like artificial makeup, post-production effects and composing. Seriously, there is nothing to discuss - the fact that the real make-up and real details look better. You can’t emulate perfectly shadow from stock objects or create realistic reflexes in a short time. But what if it's your small artistic shooting without a budget? 

My opinion - it is better to add some parts and details than to keep them.

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