This is a staged photo, which suddenly brought all my hobbies and skills to one point - there is photography, retouching, art direction, CG, VR, but most importantly - the collaboration of cool artists. 

I came to the full thrill when I first looked at the final result in VR-headset (the shot was created special for VR). All last year I've been thinking about the freedom of the gaming experience and how to allow the viewer to find Easter eggs scattered all over the stage.  

With VR glasses, you can get a detailed look at all the characters, the details of their clothing, and look for clues scattered around the scene. 

You can use the YouTube or Kuula not only with VR, but also with your phone or computer.

(Grab & drag version below):
Direct Link on Youtube (VR-headset or phone):
Direct Link on Kuula (VR-headset or phone):
However, the central figure here is of course our friend, influencer Konstantin Deblikov with real bionic prosthetic arms - no CG here. The story sends us to an important problem that Kostya often talks about: most people who have lost limbs don't know where to go for help and get quality prosthetic services - it's insanely expensive or very long and difficult.
As always we are doing some interesting technical twists and turns. In addition to my rough tests, Victor and David decided to do a virtual pre-production, scanning the workshop space in 3D using iPhone 12 lidar, and Anton helped us with set design. 

Follow us at Instagram and see more about the process of creation on our YouTube video:
​​​​​​​Our Instagram: 

Konstantin Bionic Deblikov: @bionic_russia
Photographer & Art-Direction: @nodia.stories
Pre-Production & UE4: @frioart ,
YouTube video montage: @viktoriiacam
Anvil Frame: @anvilframe ,
Krechet Workshop: @krechet_workshop
Thank you!

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