Yesterday my frined invited me to the airfield to look at the parachutists, and at the same time to find a new hero for instagram post. I find a cool and experienced woman pilot Alla Chekalova.

In 1980, she read the newspaper and catch the flight school ad, which recruited students who want to learn free parachuting and flying. Alla seemed more interesting to control the flight, and she decided to become a pilot. Due to the large exercise stress and complex checks, only 10 students out of 140 were able to complete their studies.

In June 1981, at the age of 19 years, Alla first sat at the helm of the Yak-52. Soon she joined the national team for sports aviation, where for 24 years, in a mandatory and arbitrary program, performed aerobatics.

Master of sports of international class, champion of the Soviet Union, twice absolute champion of Russia, European champion, prizes in international competitions. After 2004, two years flying in France, performing figures already in the women's aerobatic team at the European show.

A few years later she returned to Russia, and since 2007 she has been working at Skycenter, daily rising in the sky the parachutists on aircraft L 410 UVP-E3. 

Absolutely incredible and inspiring acquaintance.

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