Project: MTS GPON Зима
Client: MTS
Advertising Agency: BBDO White (Moscow)
Production: Focus Film
Photo agency: Fun'Da'Mental
Photographer: Ilya Nodia (aka Mr. Shadowman)
Last month, as part of the FunDaMental Agency, Focus Film and BBDO, I made an advertisement for MTS GPON Winter.
As you know, to get realism of picture, you have to use correct light, reliable shadows from the objects and a reflexes on surfaces. That's why we decided to build a lightened decoration, and shoot real objects and simulate the levitation of actors. In the process of post-production, we decided (and you always need to be ready for this) that the walls will have to be changed, the poses and clothes will be corrected, and large objects will be lifted into the air, which means drawing all the shadows and surfaces anew. About realistic shadows, by the way, there is a small lifehack - try to by building a simple 3d scene with similar lighting. In short, a lot of experience in teamwork, and another reminder that preproduction is the most important part of any project. 

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