There is not a lot of people in the world, who don't go crazy at the sight of old American retro cars. Collecting candy wrappers from gum and squeaky models of cars in childhood, all russian boys dreamed to look at these charged monsters alive. And I can say, that this feeling does not disappear with time. Because, damn it, it's an art of form and power! And nobody produces it today.

This time I dragged Sergei Mezentsev with his gorgeous Chevy Camaro, which he calls Daenerys (don't ask), for a hundred kilometers from Moscow to the Museum of old American cars, where we create a photoshoot in the pseudo-hollywood style. After all, there is nothing more cheerful than hundreds of American retro cars, rusty, among the thick green grass, lush birches and mosquitoes with your pet size.

I have four times planned to work on this location, cause all my friends photographers are crazy with it, and I'm damn glad that it was possible to do it tight now, with that man. 

About 4 hours we spent on the road, a million times we were deaf, gasping, dirty, washed, scolded and thanked Daenerys (seriously, do not ask), died of hunger and were left without headlights, at night, on the M1 inerstate. But we created a great series, captured the sunset and the night.

And it was fucking awesome.

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