MetaHuman Experiment
For a new CG-experiment David ( suggested using the newest service MetaHuman by Epic Games , which allows you to create photorealistic people by changing the parameters of the face and body as in a computer game - so simple and intuitive that even your grandma can do it. And it's just an alpha version.

So, we don't need live actors anymore? That's what we decided to find out by inviting our friend to wrestle (literally) with his digital copy. We also recorded a 7-hour stream about it, detailing how we did it.

So... live charismatic beards are still important, but the result is crazy-cool. Once again: in just 7 hours live-steraming, we created a pretty elaborate character on a laptop with references parameters (hair style, hair color, age, clothing), captured facial animation with the Iphone's lidar camera, sat the character in the right pose in UE4 and embedded it into the shot scene.


Team Instagram: 

Photographer & Art-Direction: @nodia.stories
MetaHuman & UE4:
Anvil Frame: @anvilframe , @frioart ,

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