I met Louis last year on an empty night parking, near few old american cars, rusty and broken. I'm crazy about these cars and always wanted to meet somebody, who engaged in old cars recovery. Lincoln Continental '64 in black color. Louis was restoring it part by part, for the last seven years. Now it’s completely car, ready to go, which is waiting for buyer for about $65.000.
Interesting, but Louis doesn’t have his own workshop. All these cars he restores right on the street, day after day, looking for original parts, panels and details. The only one operation takes place inside - painting. This hobby Louis engaged for 35 years. On average, each car takes about two or three years, and every old car is very popular. If you take one of them and go to the Hollywood - tourists with cameras will not let you go. For now Louis has about six cars in process and almost all of them - is the classic Lincoln Continental.

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