Life and work of a real Los Angeles Cop
Many people know the image of an American policeman as something cool and respected. Hiram Meraz, since the childhood dreaming about working in the police, and after 7 years in the marine corps he decided to go to the police Academy.
In general, according to Hiram, the cinematic image of an American cop can be considered quite true. It works thanks to the system, which was built in the United States for a long time. It's not perfect, but it works. The main idea is that every US citizen is responsible for protecting constitutional rights and everybody know about it well, so corruption at the initial level, such as bribes for fines, becomes difficult to implement and severely punished.
Hiram worked for a while at the U.S. Embassy in Russia. He says that Moscow has a crazy amount of police compared to Los Angeles, but the level of training is very low. 

Hiram is a real combat man who keeps himself in great shape and literally lives it. 

Chases, high speed, conflicts, fighting, shooting - all in the mind of an ordinary person associated with high risk, for Hiram is a regular work. He was trained for that.
But if you think that's all a cop's job is - you're wrong. Most of the time, a police officer in the US thinking about how to protect his ass from a lawsuits and not be involved in a political scandal. So Hiram has to be very careful about everything he says and do. Especially when it comes to social networks.
Hiram is very active on his instagram. He is recognized on the street and a lot of people asked make some photos together, but it all comes very difficult. Mainly because most other police officers are very jealous of such moments. 

But Hiram continues to keep his blog, because he believes that this is the way he can truthfully tell people about what it's actually to be a police officer.

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