The main characters and actors of project MSK 2048 in Moscow - the rpg-theater promenade based in the big underground postapocalypse city. Number of players - 40 people.
Burbor - the owner of the bar "Konechnaya". He knows a lot about the "dark" business in the camp, which why he's alltime under the security check, however, still has not been suspected.
Marina Maltseva - doctor. Head of the hospital and laboratory in MSK 2048. She is selfless and noble goal - the struggle for life.
Boris Fridman - owner of the trade shop in the MSK 2048. Sharp mind and a wealth of experience help him to out of any situation benefit.
Catherine Zhelezniak - assistant camp director MSK 2048. Right hand of colonel Suvorov. The stability and prosperity of the camp - her care, the administrative resource - her weapon.
Player 47th - The average applicant, no worse and no better than the hundreds of other citizens.
Pin - security officer. Work under the contract for Moscow Protectorate. Obeys to Colonel Suvorov personally. Keep order in the camp, strictly following the instructions.
Vladimir Suvorov - Director MSK 2048 camp, colonel. Strict and confident leader. All the forces trying to establish order and security in the camp. Ready to solve the problem by force, if necessary.

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