Sometimes it seems that elevators in Russia have a cult status. 

For many people born in regional cities of Russia in the 90s, elevators are remembered as very dirty places - burned buttons, squeaky mechanisms and absolutely disgusting smell. 

However, there is also some romance in this image. It seems that the walls of old elevators, painted with obscene inscriptions, could well be an interesting exhibition in the any Modern Art Museum - cause the walls looks like a folklore chronicle of the country. 

Many years later the elevators in Russia become cleaner and tidier, but we wanted to show the dramatic look that we remember from childhood. 

It seems to us that it strongly correlates with the Russian national trait - to spoil the place where you live and blame anyone, but not yourself, for the dirt and smell around.

Idea and retouch: Ashot Gevorkyan@gevorkyanshot 
3D and retouch: Ilya Nodia / @nodia.stories 

Elevator model by: Vanwels
Toilet model by: Melrush 

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