It's time for a revelation. The thing is, the car in this shot doesn't really exist.
"Of course it doesn't exist, you idiot. It's just someone else's made this 3D for your shot! What are you going to surprise us with?" - you say. It's truth. But think, how long we stopped being surprised by things like this?

I'll said again that this car isn't here. It's never been and never will be. It doesn't exist in the real world. Or has the concept of reality changed somehow? In fact, we've missed the moment when those boundaries have been erased.

Yesterday, when I was finishing my renders at 4:00 a.m., I couldn't get rid of that thought. If I'd shown something doesn't exist 50 years ago, I'd have been treated with arsenic and electrocuted. 200 years ago, I'd running away from the rocks flying in my direction. 400 years ago, I'd have been burned at the stake. But today even our grandmothers can handle it with a phone and augmented reality.

How is it that an ordinary photographer can add something that does not exist to the real world in a couple of hours, with realistic shadows and reflections? And what can real professionals do?

I don't work with cars, I don't sword at VFX and I don't want to spend another 15 years studying 3D. I'm just excited about how many features and available tools we have with you today to create something incredible. Right now is the best moment of our lives to rip our fucking asses off, look around, and start doing something new, creating a better version of ourselves.

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Model: Pavel Tarnowski
Music: Aigel

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